Rector’s Message

Prof. Dr. Erkan ERDEMIR


Dear students,

I am honored to introduce you to the University of New York Tirana. UNYT is the first private university in Albania, founded in 2002, and the only institution in Albania offering dual degrees (American and Albanian) for Bachelor Programs by having a unique agreement with SUNY Empire State College that allows students to live and study in Albania while earning an American bachelor’s degree. Since 2018, UNYT has been under the ownership of the Turkish Maarif Foundation – as the sole representative of Turkish education in the world and one of the largest educational organizations worldwide, with schools in 47 countries.

Located in the vibrant city of Tirana, UNYT offers an excellent and exceptional education that creates values in various fields of studies and socio-cultural life. Besides providing a foreign language education, by joining us, you will experience a highly modern educational program to help you become creative, enterprising, and socially skilled individuals. Since our mission is to educate tomorrow’s leaders and significantly contribute to the future of our society- nationally, locally, and globally.

Our educational activities aim to equip our students with professional and academic knowledge; furthermore, it is our goal to ensure that our graduates are research-oriented, dynamic, and ready to compete in the world of business and their profession.

For 20 years since the foundation of UNYT, thousands of graduates have found their much-deserved and distinguished positions in business life. Many of these graduates now work for prestigious companies in Albania and abroad, while others continue their graduate-level studies in top western universities including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, London School of Economics, etc. Because the establishment of a professional cooperation network is our strong point at the UNYT.

Our devotion to high qualitative education is strongly related to our internationalization strategy. Our future plan is to continue increasing a network of international collaborations like in the past. In this process, we are committed to improving the number of international students, collaborative research with international partners by a third, and ensuring that the vast majority of our programs feature meaningful global content. In the meantime, we continue to support mobility across our staff and student body through Erasmus+ and other means by building efficient partnerships with international higher education institutions.

Being located in one of the most colorful and social cities in the Balkans has made it easier for us to welcome students and staff from all over Europe. In our multilingual, friendly, and hospitable environment, you will find the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience. Because we are here to make you feel at home and experience different cultures all in one place.

Intending to build a decent and prosperous future, we are looking forward to your joining the UNYT family.