Requirements For International Students

Getting a master’s degree is a great way to gain in-depth expertise and advance your career. A master’s degree also expands your knowledge in the field, allowing you to become a senior and leader in the workplace.

To enroll, a master’s degree program requires:

  • Bachelor diploma: Master’s degree programs require you to have a complete bachelor’s level of education.
  • Diploma recognition: This process is done at the Ministry of Education and Sport in Albania for both high school and bachelor’s degrees. All required documents from the country of origin must have the apostille stamp or have been legalized by diplomatic representatives of Albania in the country you are living, based on the agreement.
  • English language: the University of New York Tirana offers 100% study programs in the English language. For this reason, it is required that bachelor’s freshmen students have an English certificate level B2. For students that do not have an English certificate, UNYT offers English preparation courses (ESL) where freshmen students learn and improve their English knowledge and skills.