Visa Procedure and Residence Permit

Before your departure to Albania

Students should check their visa requirements based on different citizenship through the following website.

Visa for study purposes (D / ST) 1. Document certifying the registration/admission to an educational institution in Albania;

2. Documents that prove and certify the coverage of all living costs and tuition fees;

3. Travel health insurance document for the duration of the visa;

4. Document that provides proof of accommodation while in the Republic of Albania;

5. Document that proves your knowledge of the Albanian language for carrying out your studies.

6. Criminal Record (Good Character) Document, legalized according to the regime with the relevant country which has issued this document

If you need to get Visa to enter Albania, you can apply for it with your Official Acceptance Letter which states that you will be our student here in UNYT.

All international freshmen students that will continue their studies at UNYT must get a residence permit and must do the diploma recognition by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in Albania.

The documents needed for the resident permit application are:

  • The application form for the residence permit
  • Two passport-sized photos taken no longer than six months prior to the application
  • Photocopy of your travel documents with which you entered in the Republic of Albania, photocopy of the pages of interest to past travels.

*The travel document must have validity 3 months more than the resident permit requested.

  • Documents that prove sufficient accommodation in Albania.
  • Criminal record taken from the country of origin no later than 6 months before the application.
  • Health insurance
  • 4 passport-sized photographs
  • Official Acceptance Letter / Confirmation of registration for studies in an academic institution in Albania.
  • Evidence of sufficient financial resources during their stay in Albania for the asking period.
  • If you are under 18: Consent letter, birth certificate

*Note: Documents from the country of origin must have the apostille stamp or have been legalized by their diplomatic representatives in Albania, based on the agreement.